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It's Corona time

Now if you are like me the words it's Corona time will have you stating a TikTok dance! Surely I am not the only one who has recently spent hours scrolling through the app, getting all the songs stuck in my head?

So it has been a few years now (wow time really did fly) since I last posted on here. Well life has been busy, purchasing my first home, working full time and just generally adulting really did get in the way. Due to certain circumstances and well now a global pandemic I find myself with A LOT of time on my hands to start up writing again. I find it very therapeutic to put down my thoughts to well some strangers on the internet, but if my ramblings manage to help just one person, then that will be a job well done.

A change of scene

After some time off and a lot of soul searching I have decided to change direction with my blog...So what can you now expect?

A lot of posts about my journey from a couch potato to getting into shape and learning to love the gym (which is still a work in progress). Expect to see open and honest posts about the struggles we all have with trying to get that beach ready body (which does not actually exist).

The first thing I wanted to talk to you about was finding the correct sports bra. Now I have always had a bigger bust than most, but I have never really been that big around the waist.... Yet I struggle to find decent sports bras that come in big cup sizes but are small around the waist! It is either big ugly bras which do not look cute at all...or trying squeezing them in a small but pretty bra that does not offer ANY support!

After walking into so may sports stores and walking out disappointed I finally discovered the holy grail in sports bras in none other than M&S!!! Now I have three wonderful and supportive bras from M&S, a couple of quite old now which proves they do last! If you would like me to do a full write up please do comment below!

Hope to hear from you all soon :)

30 day money cleanse

We all start January off feeling full of hope and optimism and with many New Years resolutions, but a week into the year and many of those resolutions will have been broken. This is why this year I am taking part in Personal Capital's 30 day money cleanse. With these small changes I hope to take charge of my finances! It is so easy just to spend all your wages in one go, especially after the early pay day in December with so much extra money it is very hard to be restrained.

Cleanses are a great way to hit the reset button on certain areas of your life. They help you break your bad habits and flush money toxins and set you up with a powerful plan for the future. A money cleanse is no different than any time of food or juice cleanse. With the simple 30 day plan from Personal Capital it is easy to get started.

These are a few simple tips I am using to get started!